April 28, 2013

what a difference........before and after shots

 It still amazes me when I see these pictures - I went into this home after the owners had no success in selling their biggest asset. Mind you the before photos here are from the real estate agent who had the property before, so these are the pictures the owners had on the Internet showcasing their home - I can understand why it didn't sell!! Then I was asked to have a look at the house and make some suggestions to help them get it ready for sale.  Firstly I got them to remove the old air conditioner and plaster the brick wall, we changed some light fittings but basically that is all we did to the bones of the house!!!!! then we shipped out all of the old furniture and sent in some modern hire furniture and accessories,  and take a look at the difference!!!!! It's hard to believe furniture can transform a space so dramatically, but the right selection makes all the difference - in saying that the proof is always in the end result - can't wait to see if this one sells!! and how quickly - see it here, while it lasts. 

lounge room before (above) and after (below)

main bedroom before (above) after (below)

 kitchen before (above) and after (below)
isn't it amazing what a rug and the right table setting can do to a room, the black and 
glass setting was to harsh for this space - it needed some warming up.
 living room before (above) and after (below)


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