April 07, 2013

how and why I was on the cover of a magazine!!!!!!

Yesterday I got to appear on the cover of the Herald Sun Home Magazine, how did this happen????, I hear you asking!!!!! Well I was lucky enough to work with the very talented Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors as her assistant for the day.  How did I land the assistant role??? well, I kept knocking on her door, I didnt give up and I was prepared to do whatever it took. Assistant roles are never paid roles, but the experience gained is invaluable, and if you are lucky enough to get a gig with a fabulous mentor who is not afraid to share her knowledge, the benefits are two fold!
This was a Porter Davis display home that we injected some colour into (prior to Julia arriving, this home was fully Black and Silver!!) and the result was amazing! 
I learnt so much from her on the day, got to see how things really work behind the scenes and most importantly, I now really understand how different property styling is to magazine styling - both are extremely tough gigs -  your car is always filled with props and stock on loan from shops, suppliers and even your own home - you pack, un pack and then pack it all up again - and although the end result can look very glamorous, it's bloody hard work - you have to love it, you have to have a keen eye for detail, the hours are long and often grubby, but when you see the end result and your name in print, the hard work all seems so worth it!!!


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