November 21, 2011

preparing your house for sale - no, we do not all live in a magazine shoot!

does your house look like any of these pictures? my certainly does not, and certainly not any of the clients that I have worked for. In a tough market, home styling/staging is more important than ever, its what sets our homes apart from the rest of the market - it helps show potential buyers how the house can look and will look. My business is all about Real People living in Real Homes, I not only make suggestions but I can help you achieve the transformation - I bring along props, suggest flowers and linen, even buy those for you if need be. Think of it as a facelift for the home - not major surgery!!! Doing those things that provide a return on the dollars invested and help potential buyers think ‘this is it, I could live here’. Think of it like a Trinny and Susannah ‘what not to wear’ show. They don’t ask you to lose 10 kg or get a nose job. They give you a good hair cut, well applied make-up and the right clothes and colours. Most importantly they give you the right advice and the confidence to help you achieve it.

Change is not always easy. In the same way it’s difficult to see yourself objectively, it is also difficult to see your property objectively. I can help you see beyond how you currently live to what a potential buyer wants to see. I know what to take out and what to leave in, I move your pieces around so that your rooms work and the furniture flows. I know where the artwork needs to sit and when to use a rug, how to use lighting and where to put accessories for the best effect. I can help you with paint colours and trades people. I can hire furniture if you need a few pieces and can buy new bedlinen/towels for you. I can advise on what and what not to spend money on. This can usually all be done using what you’ve got but maybe just in new ways. Importantly, it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to get results.

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