May 06, 2013

say hi to Megan!

 This is the very lovely Megan, who has joined up with me to help me get through the busy times as my business grows - thank goodness for her, I say!!!! she has been a breath of fresh air and made my job so much more enjoyable and manageable! Megan is a very talented stylist in her own right - she is learning the ropes and getting a feel for what life as a property stylist is really like! - MAD AND FRANTIC (I keep telling her!!) - I hope she knows what she's in for!!!! Anyway, here she is in action, she started off doing work experience with me and was so good that I asked her to come along and help me for like ever!!!!!!! Lucky me!
 ooooh, by the way - we worked on this house today - absolutely amazing and about to hit the market - a Californian Bungalow in Eltham - Can't wait to share more of this home with you and the transformation! hopefully later this week.........stay tuned!!
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hope you all have a great week, and thanks for stopping by x

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