May 17, 2010

Insight two

The very lovely and creative Tracie Ellis has been kind enough to share a little bit about herself with me (and you!),even though she is about to jet off to the UK and US to meet up with her overseas buyers. Hope you enjoy this insight, I know I have.

1. Describe your average day.
I read all my emails in bed before I get up – drives my husband crazy – he wishes the iphone was never invented. Then when I get to the office my day consists of working on various areas of AURA whether its selling, designing, marketing or buying, we have just finished our Spring Summer 2010 photo shoot so we are busy getting ready to present to Media and buyers here and overseas, I am off to the US and UK next week so we are working on everything for me to take on my trip.

2. Best thing about your job.
Working in a small team, we are all very passionate and proud of our brand and my work is my hobby I love it.

3. Creatively – who do you admire?
Donna Karen, Paul Smith, Kate Spade, the wonderful team at Toast UK and most of all my very talented mother.

4. Are you living your dream?
Yes but always thought it would be a great experience to live and work overseas – New York mainly but as I get older I’m not sure this will ever happen I seem to be just as happy at home.

5. What are you currently passionate about?
Developing our new Spring/Summer 2010 range, its an exciting year for us as AURA turns 10! And we’re venturing beyond the bedroom, and creating a new collection of kaftans, tunics, scarves, towels and table linen, using beautiful details and hand screen printed fabrics, all very exciting for us.

6. Five words that best describe your decorating style.

7. Style or Comfort?
A bit of both – I would like to say style but I think I'm comfort - my assistant tells me I should wear the high heels I buy not keep them in the cupboard.

8. Best piece of advice.
Try to live the dream – my mother always wanted to be an artist and everyone told her it was ridiculous – so I did it, probably as much for her as for me.

9. In your opinion, what makes a House a Home?
Lots of Love & good spaces for everyone, a special place that you want to go home too. As well as being able to share your home with friends and family.

10. Favourite places to visit locally.
The essential ingredient – I love to cook and I am constantly buying lovely things to help us cook!
Leos – our cool little local supermarket
Gertrude St Fitzroy – there are some great small fashion stores and our favourite restaurants in Gertrude St – this is where we head to on most Friday nights and Saturdays - as we have to go back to get the car!

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