March 02, 2010

how I got to now!

well it sort of just happened, those of you who know me, know that I have this passion for interiors - I love moving things around, nothings stay in the same spot for too long. I decided that I was going to use this year to explore the possibility of studying interior design with the ultimate aim of working in the industry somehow. Friends and family say I have a flair, I know I have a passion for it - I guess I just need some confidence to take it further!

I decided to write a letter to an interior designer and ask for some help and guidance before I committed to anything. I chose to send my letter to the lovely Andrea at Jemden Interior . I'd been into her shop and on her website many times. I sent the letter on Monday, she called me on Tuesday and we met on Friday. She was so wonderful, she shared her knowledge and experience of the industry with me, she shared her passion for interiors, and most importantly she gave me the confidence to give this interior design thing a go! She saw my passion.
So I applied to NMIT to start the course part time and I got in and so here I am, a wife, a mum and a student!


  1. Looks great Kylie, I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!

  2. Good on you Kylie and congratulations! I look forward to reading and hearing more. xo


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