March 24, 2012

Chalk Talk

hi peeps, its been a big week for gOLd ChaLK, you may have noticed (or maybe NOT!) that chalk talk is a little late this week - well yesterday, I was so exhausted - I spent the afternoon at a job, tweaking a few things after all the new furniture had arrived - it really was a big day - seeing your project complete is scary, exciting and also confronting! but at the same time exhilarating!!!!!! check it out for yourself....
 original concept board
 before photo
The Ned chair by Jardan Furniture
made-to-measure wall unit, designed by me and made here, this is the perfect addition to the school - it will showcase all of the schools trophies and memorabilia and it is fully adjustable.

 There are still a few finishing touches to be done in terms of adding a "REAL" plant in a lovely basket and some key pieces to the bookcase - all in all - really happy with the end result and so was the school!

Master Plan was also launched this week, this design kit offers prospective clients budget-savvy design solutions. It is perfect for commitment phobes and budget minders alike.  It's a great way to pull a room together without the pressure of a designer walking into your home - all details are exchanged on line and a beautiful box arrives on your doorstep in 4 weeks - priced at $149 per room it really does make interior design more affordable. Read more here.

On My Radar this week.......

hot at the moment small couches in small spaces!!!!!!!

and this sign - It's beautiful here - it sure is - available for $195 here!!!!!!
coincidently all images are  Megan Morton - who is also very hot at the moment too!
ciao for now!!!!

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