March 22, 2012

master plan debut

I am on a mission to make interior design/decorating more accessible and affordable, especially to those that lack the confidence to get started. With so many things to choose from in the market, its easy to get confused and just put decorating/good style into the "too hard" basket!!!
I am hoping my new kits offer a service to clients that takes the pressure out of making over a room or renovating a Kitchen or even a Bathroom, in fact any room in your home!  My design kits are beautifully put together and arrive on your doorstep all ready for you to pull the look together at your own pace, we work to a budget and with some of your favorite pieces.  You just need to follow three easy steps:
  •  fill in my questionnaire/ client profile document that lists    everything we need to know about you and your space.
  •  send in your measurments and digital images of the room
  •  wait for the package to arrive ( usually within two- three weeks of receiving your  profile back)

everything is in the kit that you need to transform your space:

  • floor plan
  • mood/concept boards
  • shopping lists with links back to the suppliers
  • swatches of fabric and paint
  • access to my supplier database through me which allows you to receive/order stock at near cost prices - much better than buying at full retail.
Master Plan is priced at $149 per room - please email or call me if you would like to start working on a kit for your space.


1 comment:

  1. How good is this......?
    I LoVe your idea......sooooo good!
    Keep up the good work.
    I know I've said it before but you have a freaky amount of energy! Mind you I say this as I'm covered in paint and sweat from working too hard!!!
    Tania Maree xx
    Scandi Coast Home AUSTRALIA


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