May 08, 2012

some of my favorite finds - Inspiration for Tuesday

for those who know me, know I love colour - it inspires me and really makes me tick - I found these pictures in my "to post" file on my computer - references are not my strong point - so sorry, but look at the detail in each image and imagine yourself there and then try something new at your place - don't be afraid of colour, embrace it, its FUN and MEMORABLE!!!!
 love the colour twist on this lamp - such a statement piece
 colourful collection of prints - super cool
 ooohh Love this room - a great mix of bits and bobs- those fairy lights are a winner
cool pop
 Beautiful tiled splash back
 one of my all time favorite vintage posters!
 art in the kitchen
art in the bedroom
happy Tuesday peeps, I'm off to school tonight to learn about computer aided drawings (CAD).........not sure if I am liking it yet, they say every designer/stylist needs it!!!!!!!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Kylie,
    I've been doing exactly this today......
    rejigging the whole house using what I already have......I almost wish I never started!!!
    I have that awesome Favor poster and am just about to get it framed......about time......
    Have a lovely evening, LEARNING!!!
    Tania @ Scandi Coast Home


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