March 28, 2012

gOLd ChaLK needs you!

OK, I have THE biggest news ever - but I need your help - I am looking for a KISS ASS (excuse the language) but true!!! House to be shot for a Magazine shoot - It needs to be fantastic - lived in with great bones, the mags are fussy - they love kids, dogs, pools and definitely no cookie cutter/display homes - do you have, or do you know someone that has a brilliant house that could be featured in House and Garden or the likes of  Home Beautiful??????????? If I find the house, I get on-the job training on what it takes to style a house warts and all from a stylist currently doing great things in the industry - can you help? - please email or phone me if you have a suggestion.
HOW EXCITING!!!!!! I'm looking at houses in a whole different light........................


  1. Sounds very exciting - hope you find one...

  2. I have some thoughts but will have to check first......not everyone is game for this!!!
    Tania Maree xx
    Scandi Coast Home
    PS. How excited you must be!!!

  3. Tania Maree that sounds great - thank you - let me know how you go.
    lisa xxoo to you

  4. I just realised my friend is in Bali so if you wait a week or so I will be able to let you know.
    Last time I was at her house my first thought was Home Beautiful would LoVe this!!! If she lets me (I think she will) I'll get some pics to you......and you can see if it is what you are after. Have a great day!!!
    TM xx
    Scandi Coast Home


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