September 19, 2011


Last week I headed back into the studio to gain some more valuable styling experience with the lovely Heather Nette King, she was styling and shooting another "Savvy Shopper" page for The Age, but more on that later.

Whilst I was there, Heather and Mike were starting to work on a shoot for Salvation Jane, Jane is about to launch a new linen range and I got to have a sneak peak at it - it will be released next month, so keep your eyes peeled for some truly lovely pieces. On the day there was lots of painting and we had to say goodbye to our hugely time consuming Chevron Wall that we painted for this shoot. This wall has seen many coats of paint and like everything, the show must go on.................. It was lovely to meet Jane and spend some time getting to know her, she is one very busy lady, a Mother, an Actor, Interior Designer and creator of the soon to be released Salvation Jane range, like all of us she is juggling many balls whilst trying to fulfill her own dreams, good luck with the new range, Jane - I cant wait to buy some!

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