September 18, 2011

Abigail Ahern

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I am a big fan of Abigail Ahern, and not too long ago she visited Australia ( i didn't actually get to see her but I would have loved to have, anyway!). Abigail has a store in London, Atalier, she is the author of A Girls Guide to Decorating and is a highly regarded decorator in the UK and also around the world. While her style is not for everyone and certainly not for the conservative souls amongst us, she certainly knows how to create feeling and emotion in interiors.

Having followed her blog for a long time, I am familiar with her style, she loves using dark sludgy, inky hues and she often talks about working the single colour look, which means painting the walls, floor and ceiling the same colour, (not for the faint hearted, especially when we are talking sludgy, inky hues!) purpose being the surfaces blend seamlessly, the spaces are then layered with contrasting textures and patterns and accented with punches of colour. This style is one easily created on a shoestring budget, if you can paint! Dark walls, then search markets and garage sales for furniture which can be given new life with a coat of raspberry, hot pink, or cobalt blue! As a general rule when designing a space Abigail aims for 90% chic and sophisticated and 10% fun. Without going over the top she aims to inject playful and whimsical elements which give personality to the space, I love this idea.......

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  1. These are great photos. Stunning design and don't even get me started about that spectacular lighting fixture. Wonderful post - thank you!


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