September 11, 2011

lucky me.....

the end result - AMAZING!

I learnt lots about painting whilst doing this wall - experiment at home, its only paint!!!

behind the scenes

About three weeks ago, I was luck enough to spend the day with the very talented Heather Nette King, her styling work is amazing and apart from being the most loveliest person, who is so kind and down to earth, her work speaks for itself. She is a perfectionist who leaves nothing to chance. If you don't believe me then take a look at these pics from the shoot and the first image, which appeared in The Age M Magazine today. The night before the shoot, Heather emailed me and said wear some dodgy clothes to the shoot - we will be painting first up - she also mentioned something about Chevron stripes - I had no idea what they were and so quickly jumped onto Google for some pics and tutorials!!!! I loved every minute of the day and learnt lots, asked lots of questions, I also came away with a new perspective on paint - I am now more willing to give things a go, experiment and play, it was transforming. Read more about the shoot here, she even mentions me! Thank you so much Heather, can't wait to do it all again. x


  1. Good for you Kylie, sounds like you had a wonderful day. xx.

  2. Wonderful pics Kylie - you did a fabulous job and it looks like you had a great day. Loved the end shot and you must be so proud that you helped to achieve it.


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