September 14, 2010

tile love

photos from - living etc &decor addict

This is my first tile post - as promised this is the first of many peaks at my tile "look book". And although we don't sell many of these at work, I do love patterned Moroccan tiles. Like wallpaper, they thread an artistic expression into the architecture and fabric of a home - and in these days of fairly neutral backdrops - it's a wonderful relief to come across a space that uses pattern in this way. I also think I love the colours blue and green - consciously or subconsciously I am drawn to these colours and like most, I find them soothing and refreshing and just beautiful to look at - I'd love to use these!

1 comment:

  1. thanks for this post, Ive been searching for a great patterned tile supplier in Melbourne for my kitchen reno. Ill head over to the Tile Gallery this week =)


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