November 17, 2014

When fashion and Home collide - Mister Zimi and the Bali Villa

 What happens when one of your favourite fashion labels opens a villa for rent in one of your favourite holiday destinations!!!!?????? Well, meet Mister Zimi . This is like a dream come true for me, a Villa decked out in the most fabulous array of colours in the most beautiful place - Bali -  now that's enough to make me get all hot and clammy! The Mister Zimi style is clear throughout the three-bedroom villa, with bright furnishings, gorgeous feature walls in all bedrooms and rugs laid throughout from their own collection.  The villa is available to rent, it sleeps five adults and one child and  cost approx $190 per night - see here for more details Mr Zimi Villa

a sneak peek into Mister Zimi's latest Bird of Paradise Range - amazing!

all pictures Mister Zimi
 colour really does make the world go round - don't you think!!!???

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