September 09, 2014

gold chalk spends some time with Brooke HOLM - learning from the master.........

On Saturday I attended an amazing course through Megan Morton and The School, it was the second time I have been to the school, the first was about two years ago to do the Styling Master Class with Megan Morton herself!- I was very excited and keen to get some insights on how to photograph interiors and make them POP on gOLd ChaLK's social media outlets. I was not disappointed! Brooke Holm is amazing - the venue was amazing, it had so many props to use - it was so much fun - now I am primed to start practising - hope you all start to notice a difference in my shots!!!!

I came home and took these shoots of my Inspiration board, trying to keep in mind all the things I had learnt - Aperture, shutter speed, F stop! ISO - sounds complex - well it was sort of, but I feel a whole lot more informed, so now I am now keen to get myself a new lenses specially for shooting interiors and a tripod! Watch out gOLd ChALk followers!!!


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