June 10, 2014

my take on a gallery style picture wall!

This is my perfect answer to a gallery wall - I think the Gallery Walls you see in magazines and the like look fantastic, but in reality I am yet to see one so fabulous! Instead of the gallery wall I prefer to us the picture ledge, available here and here. It is so much more stylish, easier to change and not so busy/in your face!!!! Not every ones cup of tea, but it certainly is my choice when showing off lots of pictures and photos. What do you think? Are you willing to give it a try?? I have!!


ledges available at West Elm in Melbourne or on-line, Ikea also do a great version too.

and then whilst you are at it - grab yourself a print from 
the most devine artwork going around 
perfect in an IKEA or Country Road Frame

 all pictures via pinterest and Studio Cockatoo

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