June 09, 2014

Imagine...., being able to style a house using all the things you love and know work!


How fabulous do these pictures look, I can't stop looking at them, this is a house styled for sale by Lucy Fenton using Fenton & Fenton product only, imagine having that resource to do your job! Oooohhh, I just love this look and feel - this would be my ideal job! Blank canvas - white walls and then adding colour and texture with furniture accessories, artwork and rugs! The colour pops, the artwork and Rugs are used to dictate the colour scheme. Wood is added to soften the space and there is layer upon layer - look at the wooden stool in the bathroom - perfection! to take a closer look of this home and also to see more from this fabulous on line magazine - head to Adore Home - well worth a read. And if you live in Melbourne, pencil in a date with yourself to visit this gorgeous store. Although their on-line presence is quite resourceful and inspiring too!

So true, a RUG can transform a space - finding the right one is the hard part!

all pictures taken from the latest issue of Adore Home - Great read!

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