April 19, 2012

ChaLK tALk - see, now you know why............

so sorry for the lack of posts recently, I would like to blame my sudden gush of work  and also returning back to night school after what seems like a very long break, but I wont blame either of those two things.......... I will just apologise and hope you are all still there!!!!!!!

in the last couple of weeks I have been on THE most amazing ride of my life, I have been styling this beautiful home for sale. This week it all came together, weeks of planning, organising and juggling has all paid off - "THE" house is now ready! here are a few snaps I took from my iphone yesterday. This really is an amazing house with great bones - I loved the artwork I choose for this house - it really just worked and the pink room that I orginally thought would be a nightmare to work with turned out as one of my favorites!!!! It really is quite amazing what the right furniture and accessories can do to a house.

bedroom before

bedroom after

fireplace before

fireplace after

pink room before

pink room after

pink room details

top of stairs before

top of stairs after

bedroom 2 before

bedroom 2 after

bedroom 2 detail - love this print!

main bedroom after

study complete

study detail

kitchen detail

kitchen detail

kitchen detail

lounge detail

bathroom after

print detail

kitchen detail

guest quarters 

lounge after

bathroom details

  a huge thank you to this lovely lady who assisted me on the day - could not have done it without her.


1 comment:

  1. It looks amazing......how exhausting!
    Tania @ Scandi Coast Home


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