June 25, 2014

secrets of a Stylist revealed!

almost two years ago now, I attended a workshop by the very famous Abigail Ahern, she travelled out to Australia from the UK and revealed all of her trade secrets - the workshop was fabulous, I was and still am a big fan of hers - she is a little off centre and really knows her stuff, in fact she is famous for breaking all the rules in the decorating world. Here are some of her secrets revealed - dare you to try some of them , if not, all!!!

Break rules
I break rules all the time. Not to be gimmicky or newsworthy but simply because rules restrict us way too much. Break them I say who wants a home that reflects some boring old road map with oodles of regulations.  Stuff like coffee tables should be so high (no they shouldn’t) or pendants should be suspended such and such a height from the ceiling,  ugg! Don’t listen to that stuff. I’ve hung a chandelier so low that I wack my head on it every time I get out of the bath! I’ve used African drums and little stools as coffee tables that are supposedly too high or too low. That is what creates the magic, the intrigue  and the drama, so go ahead and break some rules!
Add pops of colour
Colour is clever it enlivens, brightens and delights so if clients are worried about applying to walls (always) I’ll apply it to accessories. Think vases, art, pillows, throws the small stuff basically. And when I say pops I mean pops of bright intoxicating hues for full on impact.
Do something unexpected
Wallpaper the closet or loo, hang a chandelier lower than expected, use a stone bust as a hat stand, put something way too big on something too  small that sort of thing. You’ll find it’s a bit like sprinkling fairy dust over things suddenly your rooms start to look magical!
Have fun.
I adore this quote by the American designer Ross Cassidy “I don’t think people have enough fun with decorating. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Design isn’t like marriage, you don’t have to commit for life.” Here, here to that!!
Make it comfortable
No matter if you live in a palace or a houseboat the most important thing is making a home comfortable because if you can’t be comfortable at home where can you?. Squishy loungey chairs, laid back sofas, real comfortable things that strike a visual note in every room, giving it this sense of the most fabulous laid back lair.
Accessorize, accessorize, accessories
Don’t neglect the accessories they are the finishing touches that they tell a story all about you, from that old jug picked up in a souk in Morocco, to a painting found in a flea.  I overdose on them, filling my home and the homes of my clients with things that makes us all happy.
and here is a little secret of mine, every Wednesday, I wait with baited breath to see what home "The Design Files" will share with us - I love peaking into other peoples homes, don't you?. Studying the details and replicating them with my own little twist!! The following pics are some of my favourites featured recently. To get your weekly dose, bookmark The Design Files - well worth it. I do hope to share some homes of my own with you all soon, so stay tuned!


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