May 30, 2013

get the look - Nina's space on Offspring

Do you recognise this DOOR????
EVERYONE wants to be like Nina!! Women everywhere go crazy for her fashion sense and if you're lucky enough to stock something she wares in the show - get ready for a stampede!!! Whilst most people follow the show for a glimpse of what she is wearing - I love watching the show to see how the rooms have been dressed and styled!!! Her look is very relaxed, a farmhouse in suburbia, with an industrial feel.Not much has changed for season four so far in terms of her bedroom, so if you, like many, love Nina, here is a little bit about her interior style!

 Nancy Bird fish scale bedlinen features in the main bedroom- only if you feel the need to splurge!!! I am going to try and hunt down a similar look for a Steal - stay tuned!!!

 I love the lamp on Nina's bedside table -a house warming gift from Darcy! shop it here The art in her bedroom is by Rosetta Santucci

Keep your eye out for a few other favorites appearing in this seasons episodes, art from Ali Mc Nabney Stevens & Lumiere Art & Co. I am going to keep my eyes peeled on the future episodes - stay tuned for more Offspring news!

lastly did any of you catch a glimpse of this little number on Nina's shoulder last night - both of them were inseparable!!!! It's by Wizzer & Whyte - I'm trying to hunt it down like every other woman in Australia, no doubt!!

Styling You is a fabulous website that follows Nina's fashion and shows you how to get her look - check it out! It's great!!!
oooh, one last thing, in the past I have been lucky enough to work beside this very talented lady - what a privilege - well, news is she is dressing the set of Offspring, if I know anything about Julia - there will be lots of colour coming in future episodes - I cant wait to stay tuned to see her magic!!!


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