May 27, 2013

chalk report - how to add colour to your home

one of the most common questions I get asked when visiting clients in their homes, "is how do I add colour to me space and make it work" - Well, for all of  you  out there who love colour but are too afraid to use it - this post is for you! Colour is amazing, I can't imagine my life without it! it is so powerful in transforming a space and it really does add another dimension to an otherwise BLAH space.... 

the key to using colour is to create a link between your spaces/rooms! Don't be afraid to hang a wild piece of art and then pick a colour from it and carry it through - here the yellow in the Vespa print is carried through to the flowers on the table and then into the yellow chair in the adjoining room - creating that all important link that helps make the space feel GREAT!

 these spaces use colour through accessories, you will notice that in almost all cases, the bones are neutral and the colour is added through accessories( IE, cushions, side tables, towels, flowers, glasses, bowls etc).  Try to limit your palette to three colours - Here, PINK, RED and YELLOW are the heroes. The spaces work because they all have a common theme and they can easily be changed when you tire of them in the future.  I love working with neutral bases and injecting colour through art - don't be afraid to bang a nail into a wall - it's only plaster - you can patch it and repaint it if need be - go on take some inspiration from these pictures and inject some colour into your place.
 all pictures are from the Melbourne home of Letitia and Michael Green via The Design Files


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