May 17, 2013

ChaLK TaLK - where have you been?????? includes some hints and tips for getting it right

well, it has been awhile since a last wrote up a ChaLK taLK post - I have to say I have hardly had time to scratch myself of late and squeezing blog posts in where I can. Juggling life, work and kids has been a bit tricky lately and I have been struggling with the whole balance thing, but since Megan has come on board, things just seem a whole lot more manageable which has been fantastic for all concerned!!! So his is my "come back" ChaLK taLK - hope you enjoy the read, and thanks for stopping by!
This week I got to work on as semi rural property, where I got to meet all types of creatures, great and small! first up was a Bat! hiding behind a mirror above the fire place, then a fox, kangaroo and kookaburra - wildlife everywhere!!!! Hay what would you expect from a property situated on 33 acres.
here are some of the before and after photo's. Not many good before shots - sorry!but you sort of get the gist of it!!!
 kitchen before above and after below

lounge/dinning after 

I don't usually like to re-post houses, or pictures that are not my own work, but as a stylist, I just cant take my eyes off this fabulous house on the coast of Victoria at the very trendy Barwon Heads, this house has to be MY all time favourite - it ticks all my boxes!, so I wanted to point out a few things that can help you achieve this look at home if you too fall for it like me!!?!
some of my hints and tips for making your place great!
 first impressions count - make sure your house number is clear and visible, use large bold numbers,and make sure your garden is looking its absolute best! When you walk in your front door, have something that makes your visitors go WOW! Its a transitional space, you don't  spend a lot of time here, so you can afford to go a little wild!! - For example - a bold rug? a cow hide on the floor, a large unforgettable print - bold and functional = good combination for entries.Don't be stagnant, mix things up - add fresh flowers one week, something quirky the next.

 I love the mixture of textures here - mix dark and light, concrete with wood, lively rugs, bold pendant lighting - available at Beacon lighting - I personally love that big wire basket (from Country Road Home), which is hanging on the wall as art - great idea - also love the mirror wall - everything just looks so much bigger, and it creates interest, it makes you want to keep looking!ooh, and another thing that you can do - mix your wood types! 
 This is a perfect example of pendant lighting where you just wouldn't expect to see it - this is a fabulous idea and highly impactful - again, not being afraid to mix different eras of furniture together, but keeping the colour palette tight makes it work.
 rugs used outside instantly creates another room - it softens the space and makes it more inviting - wood off cuts as side tables - also a fabulous low cost idea.
 Dark walls, lots of natural light and light bedlinen (from Target) looks fabulous - mix it back with some more expensive cushions and you have a sophisticated casual look.
 don't be afraid to add colour to a neutral interior - especially the bathroom, all too often I see clients playing it safe with matching towels and wall colours - find a colour you love and start introducing it - it truly will make you smile - here a green Missoni towel from Safari Living in Prahran has been used to create a bold casual statement - image that room without that towel!

what a cool space - love this room, lots of texture mixed in together - love the cowhide, its the universal  floor covering for me. its a real mix of modern and old and a little bohemian.
 the new fabric range out by Ikea is always a winner, I can't help but think the range above reminds me of the Kip and Co range - surely not and at a fraction of the price.

Lastly, its one thing to style a home for sale, its another thing to sell it! this week I received a lovely text message from a client who sold there house in three weeks. The clients had there house on the market for close to a year without a result, and after spending lots of time and money on a failed marketing campaign. Three weeks ago, I went into the home and styled it with hire furniture and got the vendors to make some small changes - the result was amazing, so lovely to end the week on such a lovely note. 
 before and after of the lounge room

happy Friday all, talk soon!


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