March 13, 2013

some behind the scenes of Offspring!

 I am eagerley awaiting the return of OFFSPRING to our telvision screens, as are all the female population - some fpeople love the show because of the characters, the story line, what Nina wears!!!!! this is huge business, but what I like most is whats inside Nina's house - I cant wait to see her bedroom in Season 4 - and in general how the "farm house" is fitted out! So with that in mind I thought I would show you this little video of her house and the "REAL" owner and what she has to change if anything for each episode of fiilming. 

How does a show like OFFSPRING find such houses!!!! Well watch and listen!!! Article and video here

If you are interested in what Nina's wears!!! like, who isn't!!! then check out this amazing blog that details her outfits by item each episode.
Now let's hope the start is not too far away......

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