March 20, 2013

have you made the switch? online reading

As a huge blogger and blog follower (& lover of everything online), I can't get enough of the new range of online magazines that are out there. They are free, easy to access & find, plus I LOVE that you can just click on the products featured to be taken to the website of the store that stocks them.
If you haven't discovered these already then put your feet up on the couch, and get ready to discover a whole new world....... here are my favorites.

ADORE - this is my favorite online read - you must join their mailing list - it's free, so why wouldn't you???
Founded and created by designer Loni Parker (in the picture above), Adore Home invites you into inspirational homes, looks at the latest products on the market and whisks you away to gorgeous holiday destinations. 

another amazing online read - EST is an Australian magazine going places - it features some amazing spreads, it's stylish, very unique and very true to it's self.

Lonny is guaranteed to get your mind racing, it will motivate you to try new things and inspire you to new heights......... but don't take my word for it, browse them for yourself, once bitten, there really is no turning back!! ENJOY

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