July 25, 2012

cHALk TalK...........yes, finally

yes, true, I have been missing in action lately - not that there hasn't been anything going on - it's just that I have not had the energy to write/blog - but, hopefully it's a short lapse and I am back - although, finding the time is getting a little harder these days!!!!!! but I do love my blog!
Sometimes its nice to just work with colour, and since my main job these days is getting houses ready for sale, I sometimes do not have the time to work on colour plans, but every now and then, I make the time because it's fun and the end result is always so rewarding! So, with that in mind here's what I have been working on in no particular order:

I have just sourced this artwork for a client whose bedroom I am making over, we finally settled on this poster and will have it mounted and framed for the wall - I love this ! sourced from the US, made popular by Domino Magazine.
 I have also been choosing some paint colours for walls - here is my choice for a great dark wall - Dulux Otto's Boy - the most perfect colour to make a wall recede and your artwork POP! Doesn't it look fabulous here, this is the home of artist Emma Cleine, her house was recently featured in Home Beautiful Magazine, and that is one of her famous Mandela Prints.  

My top 3 Melbourne 
stores to visit this week!!!!
Moss in St Kilda (pictured above) this is a great homewares stores full of great buys. It has a great range of Armadillo rugs and cushions and some one off colourful pieces!
  • Crate Expectations in Malvern - fabulous stores with loads of colour - I could spend hours in this store, actually I did!!!
  • Issa homewares and gifts in Ivanhoe - this shop is FABO!!!! - you must visit - It is full of beautiful pieces, its a lovely stores to browse and feel inspired. Its owned and ran by a local lady who knows her stuff - well worth a visit.
do yourself a favour and visit one of these stores for a real feel good sensation, promise you will not be disappointed!!! (stay tuned for more of my favorite Melbourne stores next week!)

at the moment!

if you're like me and a little scared to try Wallpaper full on, then this is for you..... gOLd cHALk loves The Wall Sticker Company‘s designer collaborations – especially when the latest pair-up is with Curio & Curio, a homewares business run by Real Living stylist Clair Wayman. Her wall sticker designs are quirky and cool, with a playfulness that would fit beautifully in either a kiddie space or a funky adult retreat. 

I am also in love with Anna Spiro's range of wall papers that she has designed for Porters Paints, they are simple, but when mixed with colour something magical happens - I really want to be brave enough to try one of these!

lots of houses to share with you soon - just waiting on the pictures to come through - stay tuned!!!!
hopefully the break wont be as long next time around.......


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