July 26, 2012

gOLd cHALk's house of the week - take a look

This house ticks a lot of my boxes and today I am going to tell you why I think it works.  I got to spend some time in this house getting it ready and here's what I loved about this house!!!
 beautiful cared for entrance - love the doors, and that piece of interesting furniture - makes you want to stop and feel excited about whats to come..........
 an open fire place, huge windows which let in loads of natural light ( key!!) and a mixture of down lights and pendant lights - really important for filling space especially when you have high ceilings and big rooms.  Would work equally well in a house with standard height ceilings.  
 more natural light and artwork that is not hung too high!!! at eye level and slightly off centre - winning combination and pendant light over dining table - this pendant is available here at a very affordable price - buy a couple for huge impact! Rugs help define spaces in large rooms - use them wisely and you will reap the rewards.  
lastly huge windows sing - so let them - don't cover them up with drapes/blinds - let the view be your artwork and if you do need to cover them up, keep the window treatment minimal! - This house used white Roman's - they worked nicely. You can see more of this home here.

(all photo are sourced from here)

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