April 24, 2012

House of the week!

a couple of weeks ago I got to go through this home and offer the owners some advise on getting it ready for sale - it was built by its owner and it was full of colour and personality. The owners were a young couple with 4 young children, the mother was super stylish and a little quirky, to be quite honest I did not have much advise to pass onto her, as I entered every room my eyes were darting and my mind was boggling - there was so much personality to take in - little treasures everywhere, the shape, the feel, it really left a lasting impression on me.  They had some beautiful furniture pieces, I especially liked the cabinet in the bathroom. I also loved the mix of coloured chairs in the kitchen/dining and the tea cup and saucer down lights above the kitchen bench - you can just see them in the link above. I guess the moral to this post is - inject some of yourself into your home - choose things you love or have some meaning, believe me you can make them work.

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