April 22, 2012

my favorite thing to do when styling a house

the single most powerful thing that I love to do to a house to enhance it's appeal is to hang new artwork and play with colour.  New art can transform a home - it can make it feel warm and welcoming and also set the tone for what the house and the owners are all about - it has the power to take on a lead role, and most importantly to make a connection with prospective buyers - don't underestimate the power of Art and Colour!
 this house is currently for sale here - beautifully styled for sale in my opinion, this is a great example of using art to make a connection to potential buyers.It's striking, has the wow factor and leaves a lasting impression!!! Very important in a tough market!
 great use of colour, in what could be quite an ordinary bedroom - source as above
 beautiful colour and art - the bedroom of Heather Nette King
 again, great use of colour and art - not over done.
 a piece of art I choose in a recent styling project - this pic is of Gerry Hall - great art - makes a real statement. 
 colour contrast - another recent job of mine where I worked with the wall colour to make it work. (all furniture and bedlinen was hired for this job)
 I hired the above print and the one below for a client who is selling their home - it made a huge difference to the way their house looked - it warmed it up and and also gave it quite a contemporary feel whilst still maintaining quite a classic look - loved both of these pieces and the colours in them.


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