March 15, 2012

Moss Interiors - keeping an eye on the market.

Last weekend - I went to meet a girlfriend for Brunch in Gardenvale! that is miles from my place, but what a great opportunity to visit some of the interiors stores that have been on my must see list!  
Moss Interiors is on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda, and I saw a write up about this store some time ago in Home Beautiful Magazine - It's a great store with lots of funky homewares - mainly accessories - It has a huge range of Armadillo rug samples and it also stocks Designers Guild fabric - my idea of a little bit of heaven! I love getting out and about, it one of gOLd ChaLK's favorite past times. I also dropped into Est and Scarlet Jones in Hawthorn - another two of my favorite places to visit for inspiration!!I really dropped into Scarlet Jones to find some pillow cases that I have been quietly obsessed with - but no luck! I will keep my eye open!!


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