March 16, 2012

Friday's Chalk Talk

super crazy week, off to a 7am meeting this morning!!! What!!!! I hear you say - am I mad????- all  in the name of business building !!!!- I am super excited - as usual lots going on - had some fabulous photos taken yesterday which I hope to share with you very soon - they are going to be SOOOOO great - I completed a plan for a Living/Dining room which looks pretty good - I got a note from one of the agents I work with to say they were really happy with my first job  and they have another three more lined up for me in the next week or so!!!!! Yay !!!!!!!! I have just about finished my Master Plan Design Kits, more details about these soon! 
This week I thought I would share some groovy images I've found on the net and tell you why they stand out from the crowd for me! 
 floating wooden bedhead and great lighting = very stylish - simple but stylish, notice the contrast here - you must mix dark with light for harmony and balance.
 love a crucifix in the home, again quite a neutral background and furnishings with some highlight elements, and a little dash of colour on the lamp and a tiny bit of the same color on the cushion - this is a very pretty room with quite a calming restful feel.
lots of natural light, great side table, in fact perfect height for that bed, available here in a huge range of colours and sizes! There's that picture of that lady again - love her in this palette too.

 lots of pops of colour - white base mixed with some colour and texture = fantastic - its all about layering up the colour and keeping it to about 3 colours - any more can look a bit busy I think.  
 bold statement = fab feature for the kitchen - love the mix of pendant lights (Tom Dixon) and down lights - layer up your lighting - not all about down lights - pendants = personality!!! The Green wall of cupboards in this kitchen is a real winner for me - The other common feature in all these pics is huge amounts of natural light - If you are going to do white and colour, make sure your room can carry it off!

I think my favorite thing to do with interiors is to keep the shell neutral and play with colour to add personality and a bit of quirk! Natural light is so important to me - it really is mood effecting - I love bringing the outside in, so where ever possible, bring some leaves/branches/flowers or even twigs into your mix for guaranteed loveliness. 

thank you for taking the time to stop by - I really appreciate it - I love sharing my week with you all. xx

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  1. Great pics Kylie. White with bold dashes of colour is always so fresh and lovely. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your work xx


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