March 09, 2012

Chalk Talk

OK, today we are going to get straight into it with this must have item for your home office, not only is it affordable & chic, it's practical!!!!! - my other half loves practical!! - I have seen it popping up everywhere and it is my product of the week!!!!
priced at $279 - available at IKEA
 it looks fabulous and two side by side would be ideal! It also comes in Black, but for me, I much prefer the white.
Most of this week I have spent working on my Master Plan concept - I have asked a friend of a friend to trial the concept for me and in return I have offered her a free Master Plan kit on a room of her choice in her home.  She has chosen her Living/dining room.  She has filled out my detailed questionnaire and we have conversed via email several times getting all the details together.  Mind you, I have never seen her house, I am not sure of her style - in fact I really do not know a lot about her on a personal level at all! The whole process has been fabulous and I have enjoyed every minute of it (hope she has too!!) but there is one problem.......after completing her proposed floor plan (to scale) and her concept boards - which I am truly in love with!!! and compiling her shopping list, I cant stop looking at them - I really do not want to part with them! But of course I will and I will move on to my next project and fall madly deeply in love with that one too! It's a tough job but somebody has to do it!!!
Next week my I am getting my Master Plan kit professionally photographed - with all the details - may even be a little (or big!) give away on the BLOG soon - stay tuned.......very exciting!
This week I also got to re-visit a home that I had completed a colour plan on earlier in the year - It looks amazing,  not everything is completely finished yet but what has been done is super impressive, this lady had a very keen eye for detail although she does not give herself much credit for it.  It has been so lovely working with her and her husband, they really should be congratulated, its not easy living through a major renovation, is it!!!!

On my Radar this week......

 these beautiful cushions from Lumiere Art + Co
lovely colours in this print - would love this in my home!

more wonderful office spaces - I love the "K" space with the Tom Dixon Copper Lights - a real winner for me.

Love love love

apparently - this is the new craze in photography of interiors - shot from above?????

lastly, I am super jealous of this stylist who is making her dream come true - actually I say, good on her! Everyone knows my favorite designer is Abigail Ahern, she is based in the UK and has just started taking design classes - Jane Frosh who is a super stylist in her own right wants to get to one of her Master Classes badly, so badly that she has started an on line campaign - you can read about it here and donate - its all about following your dreams, isn't it, I bet she gets there.................good luck Jane xx

hope you all enjoy your weekend xx


1 comment:

  1. I honestly don't know how you do it???
    With the kids and everything else!!!
    I'm struggling just thinking about it ;o)
    Have a great weekend!
    Tania Maree xx
    Scandi Coast Home Australia


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