February 19, 2012

Interior decorating tips........

here's a little secret to help you decorate your next room - mix some straight lines with curved lines. The Straight lines represent masculine tones, whilst the curved lines are much more relaxed and feminine.  As long as your get the mix right, you(and your guests)are sure to feel at ease in the room. Straight lines can be seen in the sofa, coffee table and wall divider, the room is then balanced with a round side table and feature chair - how good does this room look and feel!!!!!! It doesn't happen by chance, there are so many tricks of the trade!!!!



  1. Hi Kylie, love the tip! I've done the same with my living room with straight lines on the sofa and tv table and a curvy noguchi coffee table. Definitely feels more inviting when you mix the two! Though I'm inclined more towards vintage and French styling, I love mixing contemporary furniture with recycled vintage accessories. Love your tips and congratulations on the article in The Age Domain! :) Rani (http://lamaisonjolie.blogspot.com.au/)

  2. Hey Kylie, that's really cool. I really loved the way you have shared of decorating the living room. A nice mixture of Straight and the Curves for decorating the Room. :) Local Real Estate Agent in Palm Springs


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