February 17, 2012

Chalk Talk

some retail therapy and market analysis has been on the top of my priority list this week - I love visiting shops/stores and seeing what's happening and what's new - this week I got to visit quite a few of my old haunts and  even some new ones. I keep a list of all the places, mainly stand alone shops that I hope to get to some time very soon, and slowly I am ticking them off one by one.  I find them so inspiring and  often come away with loads of photos and inspiration, there are so many clever people out there. Anyway this is what I created this week - I might make it a regular addition to Chalk Talk!!! who knows - love to hear your thoughts....10 things I love RIGHT NOW!

1. anything Rachel Castle - cushions, bedlinen, anything
2. Eames Bucket Chair - replica of course!! available here
3.Rob Ryan - Vase
4.Country Road black wire basket
5. Jardan Ned Chair - soon to be seen in my latest makeover!
6. Aesop hand wash
7. LOVE pillow cases - need them NOW!
8. Country Road Jug - for an instant update
9. Gorman Tokyo Platform - available in black too!!
10. Country Road Riley Vase - mix this back with glass and white accessories!

happy weekend and maybe....happy shopping!!!


1 comment:

  1. Love it!
    Make it a regular post please...
    Tania Maree xx


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