November 25, 2011

Friday's Chalk Talk....

welcome to my very first Chalk Talk post - this is where I will share with you what's been happening with GOLD CHALK during the week, a bit of an update session one might say! xx

Jarden Archie

This week I have been busily working on a costing for a client - getting in quotes, talking to tradesmen, hunting down swatches and deciding on colours. I ventured into the city to see some products and fell in love with this chair for the client, the style is relaxed but also sophisticated, I also love the modern 70's flavour.

I also got the pictures back from a recent photo shoot at my place - very excited about these, a friend of mine did them, she is an amazing photographer and I can't wait to share her work with you all, stay tuned for that one.

This week I also finished my last assignment for school, one mood/theme presented three different ways, electronically, tear sheet( which I love) and one drawn!!!!! the drawing was pretty scary but surprisingly I really enjoyed this part and understand how this can be a very worthwhile tool developing. I present these at school on Monday night - I will share the boards with you all next week.

must run peeps, I have a presentation to do and still need to finalise some last minute costings. Have a great weekend. x

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