April 22, 2010

Insight one

I had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Andrea from Jemden Interiors. Andrea has been nothing but wonderful to me since I decided to start this journey and I was keen to find out a little bit more about her. I am pleasantly surprised by some peoples willingness to share, actually Megan Morton, talks about sharing information in her latest book. She is convinced that sharing is the best way to keep the world beautiful, and there's no point keeping it all to yourself. Andrea, thanks for keeping my world beautiful!

1. Describe your average day.

My days are always varied which is one of the things I love about my job. Yesterday for example I went to visit a client at 9.00am to finalise curtains and a sofa. I was back in the showroom by 10.30. I worked on that design for about an hour. The showroom was quite busy in the afternoon so in between this I worked on a design for a bathroom. That client came in at about 2.30 and I showed her the concept. The rest of my time was spent doing paper work and ordering stock.

2. Best thing about your job.

The best thing about my job is working in an area that I am so passionate about. I am obsessed by houses and interior design so I feel fortunate to do this for my job. I love the design process and getting ideas for a concept and of course I love seeing the design finished. It is great to see the client happy. I recently finished a design for a home office/study and the client brought me some flowers and a beautiful thank you card. It was such a good feeling to know she loves being in her room and I was happy with the result. There is nothing like the final installation of a room. It is very exciting.

3. Creatively – who do you admire?

I really love the designs by Candice Olson, Sarah Richardson and Windsor Smith. They are all really elegant in their designs and I think they have a timeless quality about them.

4. Are you living your dream?

Yes I am living my dream. I love that I can get so excited and passionate about my designs and working with clients so that they will enjoy their homes.

5. What are you currently passionate about?

I love using natural materials in my designs like timber, stone, sisal and linen. I think they have a timeless quality so they can be enjoyed for many years. Wallpaper is huge for feature walls and I love it because it creates an elegant look that is individual to each client. I am very passionate about Paris after recent visits so I love a canvas I have in my showroom which is the Eiffel Tower. I just put one in my home so I wake up to Paris every day. Love it….

6. Five words that best describe your decorating style.

Timeless, elegant, Stylish, functional, eclectic,

7. Style or Comfort?

Both- A design must be beautiful and comfortable. There is no reason you can’t have both. I put a lot of thought into the way each client lives and I design spaces that are beautiful but also easy to live in for the client. This comes down to great storage and also choosing the right materials and finishes for the client.

8. Best piece of advice.

Follow your passion and what you are good at.
Take a chance- it’s worth it.

9. In your opinion, what makes a House a Home?

I think it’s important to be surrounded by objects that are special to you. For example my husband had some of his dad’s old cameras in a cupboard. I took them out and displayed them in a creative way in our lounge room and I love that we can admire them and they also remind him off his fond memories. I also love being surrounded in a creative way by family photos, especially of holidays with my children.

10. Favourite places to visit locally.

I have always loved visiting Monsalvat.

I also love having a special night away at Crown Towers.
I love the contemporary style of the rooms- Beautiful and very inspirational.

Of course my showroom is a great place to visit locally

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