March 12, 2014

Inside Megan's House

You may recall I introduced you all to Megan here, well Megan is my trusty styling companion - we set up a lot of houses together, she really does add a breath of fresh air to my houses and I love working with her. So today, when I got invited into her very special abode - I couldn't help myself, I had to take some pics to show off her amazing home style!!! and to think , she called me into help her!!!! LOL!! I love her colour palette, how disciplined she is when adding new items and also how she has added so much of her own personality to her space. This is perfectly Megan.

Megan has pulled this room together amazingly - long rectangular living spaces are hard to work with - love how she had added circles to this space (one of the golden rules when working with lots of rectangles and squares!), the dark wall contrasts perfectly with the rug, and sofa - her colour choices are to die for. 

The details - that's what I love - it's personality plus!

I also love this little study nook,off the kitchen,  again, dark and light - perfectly functional - I want that chalkboard!!!
Now, Megan did not want me to photograph her space, but as I am sure you will agree, it's amazing!!


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