February 03, 2014

Five Bargain Favorites and how to use them!!!

1. West Elm Box Frame Coffee Table $399, stack it high with magazines, a tray, utilise the space underneath for ottomans, cushions!! the world is your Oyster!!
here is some inspiration for you:

2. Ikea cushion $15.00, throw this cushion on the couch or on your bed, mix it back with spots, florals or block colours- guaranteed to funk up a space!!

this rug from Ikea works everywhere!!, modern, classic even  eclectic!!!and it's only $299!!! BARGAIN!!!
 Via design sponge
 via pinterest
via Real Living

when styling your nest of tables keep it simple and uncluttered!
via Pinterest

4. Ikea Basket - $9.95 another bargain!!!
5.  Lightly Bon Bon vase - this is a showstopper, $140, so well spent - it will look fabulous wherever you put it, coffee table, side table, dining table, kitchen bench top -  ANYWHERE!

these are just a few of my favourite things to use that don't cost the earth, you should invest in a piece or two!!
Happy Styling!!


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