June 05, 2010

Insight three

about 10 years ago, I went to an "InsideOut" workshop @ David Jones in Melbourne. The lovely and very infectious Megan Morton was the guest stylist, I have admired her and been inspired by her ever since.
This week yours truly (yes ME!), got to ask the VERY talented author of Home Love some questions. She is "The Guru" of the styling world, in fact if you open a home magazine she is most likely to have been the stylist.
This is what she had to say to me...........

1. Describe your average day.

Oh my ! it is NEVER so straight forward! For early jobs during winter it can be at a location for sun (or signs of it) from 6am all ready to go! Other days I shop myself stupid for others all day long until I am falling over with excitement/tiredness. Other days I shoot at b2 (www.b2.net.au) studios making beautiful pictures and eating Miss Chu noodles for my work lunch! Every day though, I work up entries for my books blog – www.homelove.com.au

2. How did you get to now? What was your turning point as a stylist? MY first job was when my daughter and it was a `how to live with kids’ for home beautiful. What a lovely break and obviously it was also very timely

3. Best thing about your job.

Everyday is just oh-s-great. It rarely feels like work - I have made it all encompassing, so its now my life.

4. Creatively – who do you admire?

The late Sister Parish. Muriel Brandolini. And although not in my realm of interior or styling or design, but Alice Waters is THE most amazing woman alive today!

5. Are you living your dream?

Oh no – I want to be doing so much more! I don’t like to sit still.

6. What are you currently passionate about?

Our new baby, just 6 months old. So lovely – such a gift to our family.

7. Five words that best describe your decorating style.

Fun, honest, chirpy, colour led, charming

8. Style or Comfort?

Style! (Luckily though the style I chase is more often than not the comforting type!)

9.Best piece of advice for a design student starting out.

Practice! Do yourmantelpeice, your bedside, your room, your mothers room, your boyfriends room!

10. In your opinion, what makes a House a Home?

Layering and personalisation – only life and people can add this all important elements

11. Favourite places to visit locally.

Reverse Garbage in Marrickville and The Country Trader in Waterloo, two very different places/prices/style but I do well at both!

thank you so much for sharing this insight Megan, you are really SUPA!

Images: InsideOut and The Design Files

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