January 22, 2014

my favourite place to get Artwork that looks amazing and is totally affordable and Orginal!!!!

You've all heard me bang on about artwork and its power in a room - it's one of my favourite decorating tools to use and it doesn't have to cost you the earth!!! But you do need to get the STYLE and the SIZE right for your space. So often I see misplaced artwork or no artwork in homes, because clients are too scared to bang in a nail or even get started. It is well worth the time and effort - I specialise in getting art right for clients!!! My one stop shop is United Artworks ,for their range and quality. I can't go past them.  If you need help and would like a recommendation on Art selection and placement in your home, please call or email me for a consultation.  I have access to wholesale prices too! In the meantime take a look at their website for some instant inspiration!!

this winner is in the sale section for $99.00 - Absoulute bargain and looks fabulous in real life!!!


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