July 05, 2013

bedside table styling

Styling your bedside table can be quite tricky, but I have come up with a formula that I think works and I am going to share it with you today.  Through my experience, these small tables, or whatever you choose really can be a bit of a challenge to get right.  In most of the house I see, the humble bedside table often gets forgotten but when done correctly, can add so much impact to a room.  I like to work with all different types and styles of bedside tables.  Sometimes, the traditional, both matching! sometimes a chair and sometimes even a ladder!!!, but whatever you choose, there is a little formula you need to follow!

1. You need a lamp for height - a hanging pendant works equally as well.
2. You need something horizontal - for me - that is books or magazines stacked.
3. an ornament of some sort - vase, candle, something meaningful to you!
4. and lastly, a picture/photo or piece of art 

   why don't you weave some magic this weekend - give it a go - the more you practice the better you become! 
all photos are from my Pinterest album


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