June 17, 2013

a little cottage turned modern!

 I developed a little bit of a soft spot for this house last week - I got to transform her into a chic abode - it soooooo could have been dressed like a traditional cottage - but hey, who wants that!!!!??!!!! I much prefer my spin on this little beauty.  I loved the mezzanine main bedroom - very "IN" and the lovely big panes of glass - beautiful outlook, great entertaining! see it in detail here, while it lasts! 

Mezzanine bedroom before

My Styling Tip, when you are working with so much wood, you need to lighten things up - add colour and texture and not more of the same wood - I used a combination of light wood and lots of white and colour! - it makes a huge difference - the other thing that modernised this space was the artwork and rugs - huge decorating tools!!!!

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