June 18, 2013

gold chalk on location

Last week I got to revisit this lovely home and take along with me my very clever friend Leonie Magnuson.  This was such a wonderful dream job for me to complete so I thought it would be a great opportunity get some professional shots of the house and of my work.  This was truly a dream come true - I will share more of the photos with you soon.  A big thank you to Leonie for her delightful work - she is one amazing photographer!



  1. I think this is a brilliant post but I was really drawn to your black tunic which has coloured fringe tassels! Can I please ask where you got it from? It's amazing. Thank you.

  2. Hi Fiona, it is from Gorman, but it is last years stock!!! I love it!!! thanks for stopping by x

  3. Thank you Kylie - love your posts. Also love your favourite shopping haunts - you should check out 'Now & Then trading' in Park Orchards.


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