January 06, 2013

happy 2013 and some new year resolutions

welcome to 2013, I am excited about this year, I have lots of plans for gOLd ChaLK and the blog, 2012 was a great year, but this year I want to expand on some things and pull back on others - I want to do some things a little differently and deliver some really interesting blog posts. Here's some highlights of 2012 for me and a little list of some of the things you can expect to see in 2013. It really showcases my year, things I've done and people I've met along the way!

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Now, for 2013! this is what I am looking forward to:

  • more property styling and managing my time better
  • being organised
  • helping people, make their spaces, places they want to spend time 
  • some magazine work - kill to do this!
  • interviewing, meeting and networking with people in the industry
  • home tours - photo shots
  • shopping guides - where to shop
  • what's hot
  • developing the blog
  • getting better at taking pictures of interiors - practice practice practice
  • establishing a website  - YAY, Life long dream!!!
  • and lastly, a personal goal - to be a better cook!!!!! I am going to needs lots of help with this one!!!
2013 motto - gotta dream big to get BIG!


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