December 02, 2012

The Design Files Open House

more cushion love - I had to sneak one in!
 even the caffeine hit was thought of!!! - I love the mondo grass in a little patch to break up the pavers!

Main bedroom - Lucas Grogan Artwork and Bonnie and Neil cushion - and guess what - the same table I used in one of my bedroom makeovers at the foot of the bed!!!!!
the kids room - more cushion love!

all photos above - Brooke Holm

You really had to see this place to believe it!!!! On Friday Flip and Belles and I had a date to meet an address in Windsor right here in Melbourne. It was down a one way street, surround by lots of single fronted houses that we came across The Design Files Open House - I was SUPA excited to see what Lucy Feagins had whipped up, and as usual nothing was left to chance - it was amazing. We got there right on opening and the crowds were building - It looked like a converted warehouse, beautifully decked out and chockers with stock from local artists - all available to buy!! I was on a mission, I have been lusting over some art and thought this just might be the place to find that special piece.  The I fell in love with this - A framed Vintage poster - It was hanging so beautifully in bedroom 2 - the kids room - the colours got me straight away - I was in LOVE, but then I saw the red sticker next to the price - the dreaded red sticker - it was SOLD!!
Well some things are not meant to be - but the key to this is - I know where to source these from, right here in Melbourne and how amazing would this be in a kids bedroom - It was huge, striking and really quite affordable!!!!
So many people, so much great stuff and I got to bump into Lucy herself, I felt like I already knew her, I just had to say hi, of course she didn't know who I was, we had chatted before but only through email and of course I madly follow her blog - she was so so lovely - very humble and just is amazement at what she had achieved - she thanked everyone for coming- very approachable and so easy going!

here are some of my favorite pics from the day:
the cash registers were a buzz - people everywhere buying!!!!!!
more lovely colour hanging in the kids room
Marrimekko decorations hanging outside in the paved area
Flip and Bells looking at those decorations in ore!
more beautiful artwork - loved the framing!
gorgeous Mark Tuckey Christmas tree with groovy heart decorations
Jardan chair and stool

congratulations Lucy and Team, what an inspiring day!

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