November 01, 2012

This is "IT" for me!

you may recall my latest makeover here, well I totally gave no kudos to the "MOODBOARD" I created for this client. 
For me The Moodboard is "my everything!"

Number 1. I love tearing magazine sheets to create them and piecing them together to convey my story. 

Number 2. I love how they convey exactly what look you are aiming for to the client - therefore you can make sure you have listened and interpreted correctly. 

and lastly, Number 3, the keep me on totally on track - no if, buts or maybes - just 100% commitment - that is, until the next one!!!!!

I love creating them and find it very difficult to part with them at times - I actually fall in love with them, the wall above my desk is full of them, in fact  I have books full of them.

So with that in mind, here is the MOODBOARD I created for this MAKEOVER!


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