September 01, 2012

day in the life of a sTyLiSt - part 2

Hiring furniture, artwork and accessories to get a house ready for sale can do amazing things.  Most of the homes I hire for are either newly built - so empty, or, lovely homes with dated furniture that really does not do the bones of the house any justice.  This week I worked in a home that was just lovely. It was neat and tidy,and really, from a functional point of view, there was nothing wrong with the furniture! BUT, if this house was to sell and sell for a price that the vendors would be happy to accept it needed a gOLd ChaLK makeover!!!! So this week I have decided to give you a little insight into what the hire warehouse looks like and how I select furniture and accessories for a house.  You may remember I spoke about the plan here and how I get a feel for the look I want to achieve  - moodboards are perfect for achieving this, and although they very rarely turn out like the board - they do help the clients also visualise the look you going for.

this is a collage of what it looks like at the warehouse - rows and rows of plastic covered furniture - some already taken and some still available, you really never know what will be available until you arrive on the day, and some days are better than others - I love to work with artwork for a home so I will spend lots of time in those isles trying to get the right look for the house, next I will usually tackle the bigger items such as lounges and dining table/chairs - these will usually set the mood for the look of the house.  

looking forward to sharing my latest makeover with you all early next week - I can hardly wait to see the pictures myself!!!!

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  1. Hi Kylie Love your blog and your work, I am your newest follower.


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