August 10, 2012

cHaLK tALk.......a day, or maybe a week, in the life of a stylist!

I love a bit of challenge and my latest job fits that bill just nicely - I have two townhouses to furnish in the one block - so after a little bit of planning (OK, maybe a lot!!!) and a whole lot of thinking, this is what I have come up with:

The very first thing I like to do is visit the site and get a feel for the surrounding houses and street , then I like to walk through the actual space and just get a feel for each room and try to imagine who might like to live there!!! Once I paint that picture in my mind, the measuring tape comes out and I start to sketch the room and take dimensions - I take note of the floor and wall colours and I also try to picture some floor plans in my mind............
above and below - moodboards for townhouse one
apologies for the bad photos!
look 1 = modern casual with a Scandinavian feel - furniture is light wood mostly and keeping with a neutral pallet with a hint of colour!

Then I  like to create a moodboard for each of the spaces - this helps me visualise the look i want to achieve, I later use these boards to select the furniture and accessorise the home. I am big on Artwork - so whilst some stylists may choose their furniture first - I like to select some art and work around that. These visual ques are guides only - who knows what will be at the warehouse when you arrive, so I do try to keep an open mind.

above - board for townhouse two
look 2 = modern look - bachelor pad (sort of!) with dark furniture, incorporating some steel whilst trying to give it a warm feel!!!!

The whole process takes about a week to complete - from site visit, selection of furniture and accessories to delivery and set up.
On this job I am trying to achieve two different looks, but both as equally,appealing.  I love making connections with potential buyers and I hope my work achieves this.
Which board do you like? - one or two - I wonder which one will sell first!!!???

Do pop back to see the finished photos next week, have a great weekend! xx

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