June 16, 2012

Offspring - cHaLk tALk

OK, so it appears that we are ALL just slightly obsessed with Offspring and Nina, and whilst most of you are looking at what Nina is wearing, I am looking at her apartment, and dissecting every part of it! I love the Industrial/farmhouse vibe of her new abode, but I must say that I do prefer her previous apartment. The new place is actually a converted warehouse in Collingwood. It's very rustic and far more casual than her previous place which I featured here.
love the weathered front door and olive trees
 Nina's bedroom, linen from Nancy Bird 
love the cute side lamps and she has the same
artwork from her last apartment.

farm house kitchen - really different from apartment one
kitchen dining from mezzanine above
the living room off the kitchen
this is one of my favorite rooms - the real owners and this house were featured here, by The Design Files - that is the owners original artwork behind Nina! - this room has not really been changed for the show - wonder where they go whilst they are filming???? who cares really they are probably receiving loads of cash!


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  1. I remember seeing this in Real Living mag I think it was......quite a while back now!
    I LOVE it!!!
    Have a great day......
    Tania xx


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