January 19, 2012

my work space

it's a bit crazy around here at the moment, with kids still on school holidays - it means that I am pretty much doing my work in the evening. Which is fine, but I am looking forward to things getting back into routine in the next couple of weeks. And with two out of three darlings at school this year, I am going to be further exploring the world of interiors and styling...............It's going to be a busy year, I am doing some work for Barry Plant Real Estate and also colour plans for some builders/renovators and then some moodboards for clients along the way who wish to update their space. I am also picking up another subject in the first half of the year at school - so that's 4 subjects this year!!!
but right now I am working on a couple of exciting rooms, so I thought I would give you a sneak peak at the state of my work space - I never seem to have enough space!

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